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The Strada Camera Crane

June 25th, 2009 by admin

Broadcast Solutions Is Representing Strada Camera Crane In Select International Markets

The Strada Camera Crane – Still Going Strong at a 100’ Long Strada, the world’s longest camera crane, allows cinematographers to pull off  a graceful power move from 10 stories high right down to ground level or smoothly glide hundreds of feet over diverse terrain without building dolly track.  With a solid reputation for safety, easy setup and spectacular shots, the Stradacrane is one of the most dynamic and flexible tools in the industry.

Award-Winning Worldwide Experience From the comfort of a Hollywood backlot or challenging remote locations in far off lands, Strada and Akela camera cranes have contributed to the creation of some of motion pictures’ and television’s  most memorable scenes.  They’ve captured stunning footage of the Olympics, the X Games, rock concerts and the Oscars and amazing images for advertising and marketing.

Strada Hook & Release SteadiCam System As if shots from the longest camera cranes in the world weren’t incredible enough, we invented a safe and secure way to  suspend and release a Steadicam operator from the end of the Strada arm.   Imagine a seamless shot starting as an exterior at a lens height of 60’,  floating to ground level and then through a doorway to an interior where the camera continues to follow the action.

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